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Ticket also includes
  • 1. TEDxMACE Giveaways
  • 2. Scrumptious lunch
  • 3. Snacks to keep your brain churning with ideas
  • 4. TEDxMACE Attendee Certificates too.

Terms & Conditions:
Please carry a valid ID proof along with the ticket on the day of the event.
Exchanging or refunding booked tickets wiil not be entertained.
General policies
The general policies are listed in this section.
Conditions for acceptance
Before an application can be accepted, it must meet the following criteria.
  • Availability: There must be seats available.
  • Community fit: You must be likely, in our judgment, to be a good addition to the TEDxMACE community -- someone who can contribute to the conversations and connections at the conference, and the projects that may come out of it.
  • Payment: Prompt payment must be made upon our acceptance of your application. The payment made for the ticket won't be reimbursed back in any condition.